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Welcome to the home of Stuffed Crust


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Searching for Stuffed Crust?

We’ve been stuffing pizza crusts since waaay back. And right now at Pizza Hut, you can turn any pizza into an Original Stuffed Crust Pizza with delicious melted cheese baked right into the crust, for just $3. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Stuffed Crust Pizza today.

PLEASE NOTE - Currently only Original Stuffed Crust Pizza is available. 

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The history of Stuffed Crust at Pizza Hut is a long and delicious one.
In years gone by we have created some pretty innovative stuffed crust pizzas. 
NOTE: These are currently NOT available to order.





A full flavoured pizza bursting with cheese, then covered with Doritos & cheddar to deliver a full-on tooth rattling CRUNCH!



Pizza Hut's famous Cheesy Stuffed Crust, stuffed with Australia's favourite spread!



Pizza Hut's famous Cheesy Stuffed Crust stuffed with 8 of Australia's favourite pie bites from Four'N Twenty.


The Hotdog Stuffed Crust! But this time with a twist! With the addition of cheese to the Hotdog, and a squirt of chilli, you can have it Hot...or Cheesy.



Prawn Pizzas
Medium pizzas from $5