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Work With Us

Want to know what it's like to join the team that's famous for a reason?

It's about flexible hours, working hard, having fun, making friends and earning money. It's about independence and confidence- and learning a lot more about who you are.
You can be a driver, store team-member, manager or work in our call centre in Brisbane. And, if you want, you can work your way right to the top, or even end up owning your own store!
Take a look around. If you see a position that suits we'll guide you through the application process.


The Job
As a driver, you are the polite and friendly face that takes Pizza Hut to the customer's door. You're it. You're us out ‘there'. You're part of why we're the team that's famous for a reason.

The Perks
The hours are flexible.You're out and about, listening to tunes and delivering great pizzas. Oh...and people are really, really happy to see you!

What we look for
Besides being a team player who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment, there are other things that will help you be a successful Pizza Hut driver.

  • You're friendly (with a great smile)
  • You value customers
  • You've got a good sense of direction...or GPS!
  • You've got a reliable car
  • A current driver's licence
  • You take pride in your appearance
  • You've got loads of energy
  • And you like to be on time

You also always keep in mind our work standards around cleanliness, hospitality, product and speed of service. Our customers are important to us, and we'll give you all the training you need to provide them with the great service they've come to expect from the team that's famous for a reason.

Store Team Member

The Job
As a Pizza Hut team member working in store, you'll become a vital part of the team that's famous for a reason. There are two main roles, and you'll be likely trained in both.

Customer Service
You're the smiling face of Pizza Hut that serves our customers. You need to be:

  • Friendly with a great smile
  • Enjoy interacting with customers
  • Confident with handling cash
Food Preparation
You're behind the scenes preparing of our great products. You'll be responsible for...
  • Making great tasting product
  • Food preparation
  • Food safety
  • Having fun with some great people!

What we look for
Besides being a team player who enjoys working in a fast paced environment, there are other things that will help you in being a successful member of the Pizza Hut team. You will need to take pride in your appearance, have loads of energy, be on time, be organised and willing to help keep our Pizza Hut stores clean and tidy.
You also always keep in mind our work standards around cleanliness, hospitality, product and speed of service. Our customers are important to us, and we'll give you all the training you need to provide them with the great service and products they've come to expect from the team that's famous for a reason.

Store Managers

You're it. A BIG part of why we're the team that's famous for a reason.

As a Pizza Hut Manager, you'll take the lead on shifts and ensure everything we do exceeds our customers' expectations. You'll ensure everyone provides great customer service, and you'll help out preparing and serving our freshly prepared products.

YOU will be responsible for managing shifts and share responsibility for customer satisfaction, profit, sales and employee performance goals.

You will be part of a lively, friendly culture and you'll receive exceptional management training while still having the flexibility to do the things you enjoy outside of work. Discover more about working with us, and learn about the great benefits and qualifications we offer. 

The Job
Our two managerial positions work together.

Restaurant General Manager
You'll manage the smooth operation of your Pizza Hut, and take the lead in achieving customer satisfaction, profit, sales and employee performance goals. You'll be a role model to your Shift Managers and Team Members - motivating them and rewarding them and getting them to work together as one, big happy team. You're in charge, and your decisions will directly impact the success of our business.

Shift Manager
As the right hand person to the Manager, you'll assist in managing the smooth operation of the restaurant and share responsibility for achieving customer, profit, sales and employee performance goals.You'll be working closely with the Team Members and you will be responsible for leading them to ensure they all work together as one, big, happy team. You'll allocate shift duties, ensure everyone follows all safety procedures and assist with the development and training of the team. As someone your team can look up to, you'll provide them with coaching and support and champion our ‘How We Win Together' principles.

What we look for
We have developed a great culture at Pizza Hut and we look for people who can guarantee we stay the team that's famous for a reason. You're the lively and approachable type - able to get along and communicate easily with people at all levels. You're never short of a smile, you cope well under pressure, you thrive on a challenge and take exceptional pride in your appearance.

We don't necessarily look for someone with Management experience - we'll provide all the training you need, but we do want you to show some great leadership qualities.You need to be good with people, value customer service and product quality and enjoy the challenge of driving results.You value teamwork above all, because you know that's the best way to drive results.

Training and Benefits

The Benefits

  • Flexibility -Flexible hours mean you don't have to put your life on hold. That way we make work a great experience too.
  • Fun & Friends - Making new friends and having fun is just something we do.
  • Life Skills - You'll get a taste of the ‘real world' and learn new ways to cope and get on in a supportive and friendly environment.
  • Making Your Mark - You will have the opportunity to make as much of your career as you want. Some of our Store Managers have even gone on to become franchisees owning their own Pizza Hut store.
  • Work Life Balance -Flexibility is the key to our culture. At Pizza Hut we work to live.
  • Discounts - As a Pizza Hut employee, you will receive discounts on various Pizza Hut products.
  • Reward & Recognition - This is a big part of our Pizza Hut culture, and you will see that we find plenty of reasons to celebrate achievement.

For Managers, we know your work needs to be challenging, rewarding and it needs to lead somewhere. We recognise individual contribution and reward accordingly. And, we offer exceptional training and qualifications to help you achieve the career you want.

Your Training

We'll train you up, so that you've got the skills and confidence to do a great job. You'll also discover many advancement opportunities along the way. We'll always encourage you to continually learn and develop new skills - abilities that could soon take you to a management position.


Pizza Hut gives you fun, friends, money and independence, but what if you want more? Some Pizza Hut stores are able to offer Retail Traineeships. In fact, it's how many successful Pizza Hut Managers started their career.

Our Traineeships offer structured training leading to a Nationally Recognised qualification. A Traineeship is your ticket to career progression with Pizza Hut, a leading global restaurant company.
Employees who are able to work full-time or part-time will be eligible to apply. Traineeships last from one to three years and combine work experience with on-the-job training. You will receive workplace and some classroom training sessions.
If you're still at school, we've got School Based Traineeships which lead to a Certificate II Retail Operations. These are available to Year 11 and 12 students in some states.

Links to State Government Training  Websites

For more information about funded training in your state please click the link below.
Should you have any questions contact your manager, Workplace Trainer & Assessor or the RTO Coordinator in your state on (02) 9930 3000.

New South Wales
Smart & Skilled

QLD Skills Gateway

South Australia
Skills for All/WorkReady

Western Australia
Future Skills WA

Victorian Training Gateway

Skills Tasmania



Applying With Pizza Hut
We've mapped out the application process from beginning to end.

  • Start by selecting the Apply button from any section of this page
  • Search for current available jobs and stores in your area by entering your postcode.
  • Complete our online application form.
  • Complete our online quiz.
  • You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.
  • If your application is successful, and there are positions available at the store you applied at, we'll invite you to an interview.
  • IMPORTANT: You must reply, and let us know if you can make it.
  • If your interview is successful, you will be contacted and your Welcome and Orientation will be arranged.

Interview Tips
Interviews can be daunting - but when you think about it, all you have to be is your best. We're looking for friendly, smiling, energetic people (just like you!) who value customers and take pride in their appearance. If you fit the bill, we're not going to worry about a few nerves. Our training program will equip you with all the skills and confidence you'll need. We've included some hints below bethat should help.

  1. Know about the Pizza Hut brand
    Navigate through our site and find out more about Our Culture, Working Here and The Job.
  2. Set the Scene
    Rehearse your interview responses with a friend or family member. It will boost your confidence and help you work out what you're going to say and how you're going to say it. We'll probably ask things like: "Tell us a little about yourself..." And, "Why do you want a job at Pizza Hut?" Money? Freedom? Friends? All of the above? Your friend can tell you, for example, if you're talking too fast - or mumbling - or if your replies are hard to follow.
  3. First Impressions
    First impressions count. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and appropriate for an interview. That means no heavy make-up, big earrings, overpowering fragrances, jewellery that jangles, unwashed hair or hair that flops into your eyes. Scan clothes for any stains, loose buttons or dodgy hems.
  4. Questions?
    If there are any questions you thought of during the application process, be sure to ask them at your interview. This will further demonstrate to interviewers your interest in the job. Some possible questions may be: "Who will you be reporting to?" "What are my career options?" Or what might my typical shift involve?"
  5. Timing
    Allow yourself enough time to get to the interview so that you've got at least 10 - 15 minutes to spare when you get there. Obviously, being on time will always impress.
  6. Relax
    If you're well prepared, you'll find it easier to relax. Make sure you've gone over what you might say, got your clothes sorted and worked out how you're going to get to the interview - and then take your mind of the whole thing by doing something completely different. A good meal beforehand also helps.
  7. Smile
    Smile and be yourself. Remember that you're talking to a person (just like you) who will be trying (just as hard as you) to get you through the interview. They're actually very nice people, and they really want you to succeed.
  8. What to bring with you
    Remember to bring along proof of your identification to work in Australia to comply with Australian legislation, your drivers licence if applying to become a Pizza Hut driver, and photo identification for your interview at the Brisbane call centre.

CV Tips
Your resume is your personal marketing tool, so use it to showcase you and your achievements. Below is a quick guide on what to do and what to avoid:

  1. Personal Details
    These should be centred at the top of the page and include your name, address, phone number, mobile and email. Make sure you only use professional sounding email addresses.
  2. Birth Date and Marital Status
    You are not obliged to include either and do not need to include these details on your CV.
  3. Layout
    Keep it simple. Avoid colours, use bold for headings and a font type that's easy to read. If you're going to use bullet-points use only one type.
  4. Put your best foot forward
    Summarise your strengths right up front. Either list your key strengths as bullet points or create a brief career profile. The aim of this section is to give the person reading your résumé a quick taste of what you have to offer. Bullet points seem to be the most popular option - and remember to be as specific as you can. "Excellent communication skills" doesn't mean anything unless you explain how you acquired them, and in what industry.
  5. Career Overview
    This is a quick preview of what can be found in your CV. A paragraph long, it should touch on your professional, academic and industry training. Personal attributes are optional and your career goal or objective could be mentioned in the last sentence. Remember to keep this info factual. Don't litter it with fluffy, meaningless words.
  6. Employment History
    Outline your career history starting with your most recent job first, using the following structure:
    • Job title, employer, dates 
    • Description of employer 
    • Responsibilities 
    • Achievements 
  7. Education & Training 
    This section can cover school, university, TAFE training, industry or in-house courses, and any other professional training you've completed or are in the process of completing. Always start with your highest qualification first.
  8. Referees
    If you include referees, always include names and phone numbers, but not mobiles. Alternatively, you could mention that references are available on request.

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