You're it.

A BIG part of why we're the team that's famous for a reason.

As a Pizza Hut Manager, you'll take the lead on shifts and ensure everything we do exceeds our customers' expectations. You'll ensure everyone provides great customer service, and you'll help out preparing and serving our freshly prepared products.

YOU will be responsible for managing shifts and share responsibility for customer satisfaction, profit, sales and employee performance goals.

You will be part of a lively, friendly culture and you'll receive exceptional management training while still having the flexibility to do the things you enjoy outside of work.

Discover more about working with us, and learn about the great benefits and qualifications we offer. Have a look at our handy tips on writing an award winning CV and mastering that job interview.

Look around our site, get a feel for what it's all about, and apply for a career as a Pizza Hut Manager today.

The Job

Our two managerial positions work together.

Restaurant General Manager

You'll manage the smooth operation of your Pizza Hut, and take the lead in achieving customer satisfaction, profit, sales and employee performance goals.

You'll be a role model to your Shift Managers and Team Members - motivating them and rewarding them and getting them to work together as one, big happy team.

You're in charge, and your decisions will directly impact the success of our business.

Shift Manager

As the right hand person to the Manager, you'll assist in managing the smooth operation of the restaurant and share responsibility for achieving customer, profit, sales and employee performance goals.

You'll be working closely with the Team Members and you will be responsible for leading them to ensure they all work together as one, big, happy team.

You'll allocate shift duties, ensure everyone follows all safety procedures and assist with the development and training of the team.

As someone your team can look up to, you'll provide them with coaching and support and champion our ‘How We Win Together' principles.

What we look for

We have developed a great culture at Pizza Hut and we look for people who can guarantee we stay the team that's famous for a reason.

You're the lively and approachable type - able to get along and communicate easily with people at all levels. You're never short of a smile, you cope well under pressure, you thrive on a challenge and take exceptional pride in your appearance.

We don't necessarily look for someone with Management experience - we'll provide all the training you need, but we do want you to show some great leadership qualities.

You need to be good with people, value customer service and product quality and enjoy the challenge of driving results.

You value teamwork above all, because you know that's the best way to drive results.