Hot 2 You Guarantee

Hot 2 You Guarantee Terms & Conditions


  1. Commencing on 16th June 2009, selected ranges of Pizza Hut pizza and pasta products will display a heat sensitive sticker (“Hot Spot”) on the packing. These Hot Spots will be placed in a designated area on the products’ packaging which is indicated by the words ‘Hot Spot’. 
  2. Hot Spots react to changes in temperature. Once a hot pizza or hot pasta is placed in the relevant packaging, the Hot Spot will become transparent to reveal the word HOT. If the Hot Spot does not reveal the word HOT and remains black when the customer receives their pizza or pasta order (either when delivered or picked up) the customer will receive a voucher which entitles them to one free large menu board pizza or free pasta on their next order (cost of delivery not included).
  3. Customers will also receive a voucher if they receive a Pizza Hut pizza or pasta product within the selected range that does not bear a Hot Spot placed in the designated section indicated on the front of the pizza or pasta packaging. 
  4. The Hot 2 You Guarantee only applies to Pizza Hut products served in packaging which bears the designated Hot Spot section.
  5. The voucher will entitle the customer to one free large menu board pizza or pasta product (as applicable) from any of Pizza Hut’s set menu board pizza toppings or pasta options. The voucher excludes ‘Create Your Own’ pizza and half-half options. A delivery fee will apply on redemption of the voucher if home delivery is required.
  6. The ‘Free Large Pizza’ voucher will entitle the customer to choose from any of the Perfecto, Deep Pan, Thin‘n Crispy & Stuffed Crust bases. The voucher does not entitle the customer to choose a More 4 All base.
  7. A ‘Free Pasta’ sticker must be attached to the back of the “free pizza voucher” in order for the ’Free Pasta’ offer to be valid and will entitle the customer to choose from any of the Tuscani Pastas range on the set menu board.
  8. The voucher will be issued by a Pizza Hut staff member at the time of receipt of the pizza or pasta.
  9. The voucher is not valid with any other coupon offer, voucher or discount card.
  10. Pizza Hut will issue a maximum of 10 vouchers per transaction.
  11. The voucher is valid for four weeks from date of issue of the voucher as indicated on the voucher.
  12. Pizza Hut reserves the right to suspend, amend or terminate this offer at its absolute discretion and without notice.